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 Original display panel

We're fixing and building in only original panels!


Closely 20 years of experience!

 Premium Parts

Well known and tested part providers!

If you had changed your display previously somewhere in the country, you might be our client indirectly already, because we provide our services for many other GSM shops in Hungary.

We don’t buy Chinese Iphone, Samsung or LG displays and build them in your mobile, but use specialized and professional machines to renew the original ones. We are over thousands of fixed displays, that’s why we know that, only the original display can be used when we fixing an expensive phone or tablet.


What kind of machines we use?

How we do it?

Show you!

To renew a display requires a lot of routine and experience.

Only the experiments cost cause millions in lost, till someone realize how to fix several type of mobile displays.

There is no global recipe, every display can be differently refurbished

In the following we will show you few of our service’s machines.

Refurbishing a display,we start with the broken glass remove.12132965 825748697542193 1372616773 n

From this machine we use two. These are the best and most effective for remove the broken glass from Apple Iphone’s display. The tray of the machine warm up the display to 80 Celsius and the vacuum keep them stabile meanwhile the work. Apple’s original display’s glass (after well preparation) can be removed by a thin wire.

We use also a fully automatized machine for this work too.


LY 948B semi automatic LCD separator machine OCA full kits for screen refurbishment to Russia free


A fully automatized glass removing machine.

This machine itself makes a comfortable job, but cannot be used every time. A hardly damaged glass able to cut the wire easily.

After the glass has been removed, it has to be cleaned.

Under the glass a thin polarized layer can be found. At Apple’s display it always has to be removed.

Samsung’s display are different, mostly the polarized layer remains at its place.

In the case this polarized layer damaged (even in 1 mm) than it has to be replaced too

Lcd Polarizer Film Lamination Mobile Phone OCA

With this machine we can precisely replace the damaged polarized film.

After cleaning, when the display itself is ready for the new glass, we test the LCD.

This way we can see those LCD’s witch damaged by the job removing the glass.

Apple’s are fixed by screws but most of the manufacturer’s phones are sticked together.

Samsung are typically like that. These brand’s display can be refurbished by a machine witch can be found mostly in every home. We weren’t turned to be a housewife, but the best machine for the job is a hot air circulated owen. We own one too as the part of our machine park.

334719461.beko bim22301x

The sticked phones will be baked as the first step:)

Yes! This is what we do with them. We keep them on 70-80 Celsius for 20-30 minutes.

The glue in this temperature will ease, so this way without any damage the phone can be spare to parts. We have an owen like this but instead of scone we place phones into it.

At given displays we need to use a freezer too. At this method the display will be frozen to -140 degrees. The glue at this temperature will stop hold the glass itself and it let to fall apart to LCD and glass.

freezer lcd separator machine 030 1 800x800Porfessional freezer for Samsung Edge display a "must to be used" one.

In the case we are after the baking, freezing, cleaning the same test comes like at the Apple’s display panels.

If we are done with the test and we found everything perfect, the LCD and AMOLED panels goes to our dust free room. Here a pressing machine will place the new glass to the panels. The pressure must be adjusted differently at every model

The saying is hardly true- To own a sword doesn’t makes you a knight!

Automatic bubble free LCD laminating machine

In the picture above you can see one of our pressing machine, what we use for Apple and Samsung glass replacing. Although it saw HTC and Huawei display too. To get back the above mentioned saying with knights, to own a machine like this won’t let you able to refurbish displays properly at all.

Mini Autoclave OCA Bubble Remove Machine LCD Bubble Remover for iPhone Samsung LCD Repair Machine



After the LCD or AMOLED panel has the new glass, it goes straight to another machine witch can remove the remaining bubble from under the glass. We own several of this kind of machine, witch effective differently at variable brands.

samsung kijelzk1

Samsung S8,S7 EDGE,S7,S4,A520,A310 displays,after refurbished.

This is how we do!