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What kind of quality LCD we use?

In Hungary and all around the world there are several GSM shop and display specialized services.

Mostly they repair Apple’s IPhone and Samsung models; obviously they are the most popular brands.

In the case your device has been broken in your life and you went for to repair it, the question can easily come up in your mind- What kind of LCD will be placed into my phone?

As we are professional in refurbishing, we can tell you the answer.

Well known that, the manufacturers do not sell spare LCD separately. At least it is hard to get or you can pay so high price, you can reach the stars with that.

Recognizing  this problem the Chinese industry started the make displays to feed the needs of the market.

Most of the GSM shop started the build in these LCD’s to phones, because it is available and cheap solution to the job. In the case you’ve visited already one of these shops to repair your phone, than you have a good chance to own a non-original display in your device already.

There are many firms who producing LCD, but there are 3 of mentionable companies around.

In the following picture you can see these companies name and the quality comparison of their

Kijelző felsorolás - Fixity

As far as you can see the original refurbished display’s colour balance remain the same after the job.

Tinama is the best in the case you let the original quality behind, but it kills your battery sooner, the contrast never be the same to Apple’s and the colour nature will change too.

JDF is the next in line if you step downstairs in rank. Here you will need to be faced weaker sharpness and  the light of the display will be way weaker too. That’s the reason you have to pull up the light to get the “same” lightness but it cause less battery life obviously.

LT is the last in line. This display suffers even more to produce acceptable picture than the other above mentioned two manufacturers LCD.

We can tell you that, no one should use LT displays who think the mobile is important for him/herself.

Besides the after make displays are more fragile, inclined to dead pixels, the thin flex cables are too stiff it can easily broken because of a small drop, which means the end of the display.

The best solution to keep the original panel and replace the broken glass to a new one.

This way the quality won’t change!

We only use original LCD or OLED panel, when we refurbish a display!

In the case you stick yourself to the exact one LCD what was build inside your device originally; we can refurbish that piece too.

Choose the quality; Choose the original, Choose Fixity!