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For 3500Ft We can deliver our service to you home!

Our shop is in Budapest so we cannot meet with everyone.

If you’re far and not able to come to us, we offer you something.

In the case your phone or tablet broken or damaged and you can lack it for 3 days,

for 3500Ft you can send it to us. We gonna repair it and we will send it back to you.

The cost of the repairing will need to be paid to the courier, when he handles your device to you.

For example- your service cost is 10.000Ft, than you will need to pay 13.500Ft (included the service, the shipping, the VAT, with a big Thank You)

Yes! On all of Hungary’s territory

It’s a good offer isn’t it?

Call us and, we write down the address or send a mail to us with your details.