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The biggest LCD stock in Hungary
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Fixity - Apple iPhone display replacement

Apple iPhone Display replacement

28.000 HUF - iPhone 7 Display replacement

19.900 HUF - iPhone 6s Display replacement

15.900 HUF - iPhone 6 Display replacement

11.900 HUF - iPhone 5s Display replacement

Fixity - Samsung Display and glass replacement

Samsung  glass replacement

44.900 HUF - Note 8 Glass replacement

34.900 HUF - S8 Glass replacement

29.900 HUF - S7 Edge Glass replacement

22.900 HUF - S7 Glass replacement

Fixity - Huawei Display replacement

Huawei Display replacement

25.900 Ft - P20 Lite Display replacement

23.900 Ft - P 9 Display replacement

26.900 Ft - Honor 8 Display replacement

23.900 Ft - Mate 10 Lite Display replacement

Fixity - Apple iPhone glass replacement

Apple iPhone Glass replacement

24.500 HUF - iPhone 8 Glass replacement

19.900 HUF - iPhone 7 Glass replacement

16.900 HUF - iPhone 6S Glass replacement

13.900 HUF - iPhone 6 Glass replacement

Fixity - Xiaomi Display Replacemet

Xiaomi Display Replacemet

34.900 HUF - Pocophone F1 Display replacement

22.900 HUF - Redmi Note 5 Display replacement

29.900 HUF - Note 7 Display replacement

19.900 HUF - Mi A1 Display replacement

Fixity - Samsung glass replacement

Samsung glass replacement

69.900 HUF - S8 Display replacement

79.900 HUF - S8 Plus Display replacement

42.900 HUF - S6 Edge Display replacement

29.900 HUF - J530 Display Replacement


1999 was a long time ago, we weren’t turned younger by the time past.

Since than we service mobiles. In the past years we worked for others, and we were running own shops, but the part of the service was always made by ourselves.

We fixed many of the first Motorola’s openable phones, the brick sized Nokia 2110,the tiny Nokia 8310,the amazing Siemens SL-45 and the first colour displayed Ericsson T-68.

Without any doubts we can say, there was no phones what we didn’t see in parts, many times we received phones in a bag from other services, after they couldn’t fix it.

When we firstly saw the first Iphone in Steve Jobs hand in 2007,we didn’t know that, our job will change in a few years. With the new generation of mobile phones we faced new malfunctions.

Today’s phones are versatile but more fragile than they ancestors. The most common malfunctions comes from the display broke. This case is an expensive thing, sometimes the cost of a display exchange can run up 40% of the original cost of the phone. Many of us would never pay that much and keep use the phone broken. Yes our own phone was broken too and it was really painful to pay for the original display, because we always insist on the original quality.

We had to find a solution for this problem.

Searching, learning, experimenting, testing and we reached the level we can offer a payable solution for fixing displays, holding the original quality.


Permanent 1000-pcs LCD warehouse kit that you do not have to wait for!

Premium Quality

When we fix your pohones,we only use original Apple,Samsung,LG,Huawei LCD or OLED panel. Not a sim ilar one with the manufacturer's but original!


Closley 20 years of experience, professional machine park specialized for mobiles fixing. You can be shure your mobile or tablet will be in good hands.

You can’t come to us or you can’t wait till your service will be ready?

We can give you a solution!

Our GLS partner will handle your fixed mobile at your home, In the territory of Hungary back and forth it’s only 3500Ft!

Call us for details or send mail with your personal details to order our service.

Fixity - apple logo
Fixity - iPad logo
Fixity - Samsung logo
Fixity - LG logo
Fixity - huawei logo
Fixity - Lenovo logo
Fixity - Sony logo
Fixity - Xiaomi logo

The best price comes with the best quality

This is impossible or might be right?

We get all the parts from our own source,tested and well chosed providers.

We use parts and materials witch cannot found in Hungary,thanks for the bulk purchase our prices are unbeatable.

If we add on our closley 20 years of experience,we gonna get a step closer to the best price and higher quality.

To decrease the prices there are another method, We had to decrease our expenditure.

Our shop is not in an expensive plaza or a walkway in the downtown but in Zugló green area where free to park and cheaper to rent a place.

The saved money can go staight for price decreasing

This way it is possible!

In price-value rate we are unbeatable!